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Harrison “Harry” Bane

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Harrison “Harry” Bane

Steward Healthcare

Having led a turnaround of one of Genesis’s worst performing skilled nursing facilities, in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Harry Bane was tapped to become Vice President of Operations at Steward Healthcare...

Career Changer

Position before MHCDS: Administrator of Genesis Health Care’s Chelsea (Mass.) Center
Position Change During MHCDS: Vice President of Operations,
St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
Shift in Trajectory: Administration in Long-term Care to Operations in 2nd-Largest Health Care System in New England
Career-Changing Experience: During first year in the Dartmouth program, worked with a diverse, mind-expanding team that included a pulmonologist from Boston, a pediatric orthopedic oncologist from Delaware, a state senator from Oklahoma, a physician from Singapore, and the Vermont deputy commissioner for Medicaid Services.
Key Moment: “During my interview at the corporate level with Steward, I was asked how I would personally add value. I said I knew how to work with physicians on the front lines, and also with high-level insurance executives, finance managers, regulators, administrators... that I could relate to both the business side and the care side of any issue. My Dartmouth experience was a unique value-add.”
The MHCDS Crucial Career Boost: Introduced to the broad strategic issues in health care and the frameworks to work through them in any setting of care; acquired a close network of experts to help me lead change.
Telling Detail: On headhunters’ national radar at age 28.

A Unique “Value-Add”

Bane entered the program with a substantial amount of management experience in long-term care — first in his family-owned long-term skilled nursing care and short stay rehab business, BaneCare, and then with Genesis HealthCare, a long-term skilled nursing care provider employing nearly 80,000 people across 28 states. Following a progression of increasing responsibilities at Genesis, Bane led the turnaround of the one of the company’s worst performing skilled nursing facilities in Chelsea, Massachusetts, and had made it a top performer both clinically and financially when he was hired away by Steward Healthcare, a for-profit chain of New England hospitals owned by the private equity firm, Cerberus Capital. In his new position, Bane serves as Vice President of Operations at Steward’s flagship hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton, Mass.

During his first year in the Dartmouth program, Bane worked on a group project whose members included a pulmonologist from the Boston area, a pediatric orthopedic oncologist from Delaware, a physician from Singapore, a state senator from Oklahoma (serving as a mentor), and the Vermont deputy commissioner for Medicaid Services. The collaborative experience turned out to play a key role in his hiring by Steward.

Though Bane came to Steward with significant management experience in long-term care, it was his experience at Dartmouth that allowed him to demonstrate a grasp of health care’s broader context — not only across hospital and medical departments, but in intersections with the insurance industry and public policy makers. In setting him apart from other candidates for the position, he recalls, “The Dartmouth piece was a unique value-add.”

He acknowledges that getting the job is one thing, but it’s quite another to succeed in it. “After six months,” he confesses, “I’m off to a great start.”