How the MHCDS Degree Differs from a Healthcare MBA

There are a number of high quality master’s degree programs that focus on management skills for the health care industry, including a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in healthcare. The curriculum in a healthcare MBA program trains students how to improve the financial and operational performance of an organization, goals that are important for improving health care delivery, but cannot alone address the multi-dimensional challenges facing people and organizations in our health care delivery system.

The MHCDS curriculum is unique: cross-functional and rigorous in its approach to preparing leaders to improve health care delivery in their organizations and beyond.  The 12-month program focuses Dartmouth’s leading insight into value-based health care and world-class business education on improving health care delivery. The coursework in areas such as strategy, operations, finance, health policy, economics, data analytics, and leadership is not limited to generalized business management techniques but speaks directly to the unique culture and challenges of health care. Through a curriculum that is much more relevant than an MBA or MPH alone, students receive the tailored and targeted education that they need to advance their careers and help lead their health care organizations to success in this time of radical change.

Innovative Interdisciplinary Faculty

The MHCDS combination of the Geisel School of Medicine’s advanced research expertise in health care outcomes and value-based care models with the Tuck School of Business’ proven success teaching leadership and teamwork, finance, operations, and organizational change management creates an educational opportunity unmatched by other health care master’s degree programs.

Our interdisciplinary faculty is comprised of experienced researchers and thought leaders who are at the forefront of health care delivery innovation. Combined with the expertise our accomplished students bring to the learning environment, the unparalleled education with MHCDS vastly exceeds the academic experience of a traditional healthcare MBA program.

Gain a Broad, Strategic Perspective of the Health Care Delivery Ecosystem

In addition to the skills and knowledge delivered through the core curriculum, the MHCDS students themselves bring a tremendous learning opportunity to the program.  Representing accomplished physician leaders, administrators, health policy makers, patients, and insurance executives, their expertise allows faculty to explore challenges and opportunities for delivering high value health through multiple important perspectives.  This cross-functional, strategic view of health care is exactly the type of leadership training needed to equip the next generation of health care leaders.


    Scott Tromanhauser, MD, MBA, MHCDS

    Chief Clinical Network Officer

    The MHCDS program had all the stuff my MBA program didn’t have. It’s what I wished my MBA program was, but didn’t know it at the time.

Transform Yourself and Your Career in Health Care Delivery

Step beyond the bounds of a traditional or healthcare focused MBA with the MHCDS degree. Speak with our admissions team today to learn how the MHCDS program can take your health care career to the next level.