Class of 2019

Jason Vanderheyden, MHCDS

National Director, Value-Based Healthcare
Medtronic Canada

Originally, I was exploring MBA/EMBA programs prior to discovering the MHCDS program. I knew an MBA would be helpful, but I wanted something more specific to healthcare. Not only does MHCDS deliver that focus, they go a step further with providing a unique program delivery model, virtual and residential sessions, that work to accommodate my work schedule.

Jason, tell us about your professional experience.

I lead and drive Medtronic’s value-based health care strategy in Canada. We engage with Government’s (payors), providers, and patients to create innovative partnerships that will move the system from volume to value. As a company, we are increasingly interested in partnering in a way that can deliver better patient outcomes at a lower cost – we work with organizations that have an interest in aligning incentives and accountability towards these goals.

What has been the best part of the program for you?

The highlight of the program is the outstanding classmates and faculty that you get to work with. It truly is world class and it broadens your views and perspective on how no single group can do it all. You build a tremendous peer network that transcends across different cohorts. I have gone to a number of classmates outside of my course work for help on things that impact my day to day. It goes without saying that the structure of the program helps you form bonds and friendships that I was not sure would be possible in a largely virtual course.

How have you used the skills and knowledge you have gained through your coursework in the real world?

My Action Learning Project is directly applicable to my ‘day job.’  We are working on a transformational project in spine care that will certainly benefit patients and the partner health system as well as my own organization.

If you are looking for a program that is focused on improving health care delivery, you will be hard pressed to find a better program out there. I would recommend the MHCDS program to anyone who wants to take the theoretical and make it real!"