MHCDS Offers an Interdisciplinary Focus Broader than an MPH Degree

An MPH curriculum is typically focused on providing students the skills to plan and manage programs and implement policies to promote public health. Coursework for an MPH degree includes epidemiology, biostatistics, social and behavioral sciences, health services administration, and environmental factors that affect public health. Some MPH programs also focus on management from a public health perspective, whereas MHCDS focuses on organizational leadership and change.

The cross-functional curriculum of the MHCDS program, taught jointly by the faculties of the Tuck School of Business and the Geisel School of Medicine, provides students with the skills and knowledge to lead the transformation of their organizations and the delivery of health care. Formal training in finance, economics, operations, organizational design and change management, data analytics, as well as leadership and teamwork, all are critical skills that clinical and administrative leaders need to shape strategy at a health care organization and advance their own careers.  

Focusing intently on health care innovation at the organizational level, MHCDS examines how all participants in the health care industry affect the delivery of high value health care to patients. Through this unique curriculum, students develop the skills and knowledge they need to design approaches and lead their organizations in achieving better patient and population health outcomes at a lower cost.

Develop the Business and Management Skills Necessary to Lead in Health Care

Like an MPH, the MHCDS degree confers skills and knowledge to advance the health of populations. The MHCDS curriculum also dives deeply into the business and management skills health leaders need to successfully move their organizations towards delivering value-based care.  MHCDS coursework in finance, economics, data analytics, strategic marketing, and organizational change management provides clinical and administrative leaders the edge they need to advance their careers and their organizations' objectives to achieve a healthier population. 

Gain a Broad and Strategic Perspective of Health Care Delivery

In addition to the skills and knowledge delivered through the core curriculum, the MHCDS students themselves bring a tremendous learning opportunity to the program.  Representing accomplished physician leaders, administrators, health policy makers, patients, and insurance companies, the expertise allows faculty to explore challenges and opportunities for delivering high value health through multiple important perspectives.  This cross-functional, strategic view of health care is exactly the type of leadership training needed to equip the next generation of health care leaders.

Transform yourself and your career in health care delivery

Step beyond the bounds of a traditional MPH or MBA with the MHCDS degree. Speak with our admissions team today to learn how the MHCDS program can take your health care career to the next level.


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