Career Transformation

As founder and director of the Healthcare Transformation Lab Massachusetts General Hospital, Eric Isselbacher MHCDS’13 (left) is making health care more efficient, one solution at a time. Read more

How do you define professional progress? For some, it’s a formal promotion and a new title. For others, it’s the ability to lead with greater impact and effectiveness. Regardless of how it is measured, the opportunities for our students are many and begin before courses end—through enhanced responsibilities, new committee appointments, and leadership opportunities that go beyond their clinical or administrative training. In addition to the many promotions to c-level and other senior leadership positions, our students and graduates have accepted roles at the frontiers of health care transformation, including as appointees to the boards of state health insurance exchanges and as leaders of innovation efforts across major health systems and academic medical centers.

A Network for Life

Our alumni network is a powerful community of life-long learners with a passionate commitment to each other and to the transformation of health care delivery.

The degree is just the beginning. Over 18 months, students forge deep personal and professional bonds with each other that stay with them throughout their careers. Every graduate becomes part of a diverse and powerful network of change leaders that offers a lifetime of support and opportunity. The Annual Dartmouth Symposium on Health Care Delivery Science, a MHCDS alumni driven initiative, draws a large number of alumni and current students back to Hanover to learn and to push themselves and each other to advance the transformation of health care.

MHCDS-specific alumni programming and events

Our student's desire to remain connected and continue their learning journeys was evident from early on. In response to this, the MCHDS program initiated and continues to develop opportunities for students and alumni to connect with one another, at Dartmouth and beyond.  One of those opportunities is the Dartmouth Symposium on Health Care Delivery Science which brings MHCDS students and alumni from each cohort back to campus for an annual reunion centered around a two-day learning event. 

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