Experience a focused, relevant, and transformative curriculum

Dartmouth MHCDS Faculty Member Paul Argenti
Dartmouth MHCDS Professor Paul Argenti is a leading expert in corporate communications at the Tuck School of Business.

The 12-month program focuses Dartmouth’s expertise in areas such as strategy, operations, finance, health policy, economics, data analytics, and leadership on improving health care delivery.  The coursework is not limited to generalized business management techniques but speaks directly to the unique culture and challenges of health care. Through a curriculum that is much more focused than an MBA or MPH alone, students receive the tailored and targeted education that they need to advance their careers and help lead their health care organizations to success in this time of radical change.

A Rigorous Program Designed for Healthcare Professionals

While in residence at Dartmouth, students receive focused attention from faculty mentors, work on course-related projects with fellow students, and present and receive feedback on individual and group projects. Off-campus, online course commitments are both predictable and flexible so they can be met by students in even the most demanding careers. Individualized support ensures that each student reaches their personal goals for professional development. Online learning—supported by intuitive software tools—offers working professionals the greatest latitude. Students log on to the online classroom at any time and make significant progress on coursework. Or they gather in virtual meeting rooms and work together, learning from and with their peers and program faculty. While the curriculum moves from course to course, the rhythm and workload remain manageable for thoughtful working professionals.

Focused Core Curriculum

Through a customized blend of business, leadership, and health policy course work, students learn how to analyze their environment, solve problems, and make decisions based on appropriate analysis of data as well as how to effectively implement those decisions. They will understand the interplay between clinical, operational, and financial strategies and able to align them in their own organizations to improve performance today and in the future.

Special Topics in Health Care Delivery

The curriculum is anchored by three in-person residential sessions on the Dartmouth College campus, each of which features a themed, team-taught integrative learning experience, designed to draw out lessons from across the disciplines of health care delivery. Activities in these innovative sessions will include case studies, simulations, guest speakers, and more. Themes for 2022 will focus on: Voice of the Patient, Leading Change, and Envisioning the Future of Health Care.

Personal Leadership Development

Transforming health care organizations presents special challenges and will require tremendous leadership by individuals within those organizations. This course equips students to be strategic communicators, capable team members, and skillful leaders.

Action Learning Projects

As the culmination of their learning experience, students collaborate in teams on an Action-Learning Project. Applying classroom concepts to real organizational challenges provides an immediate return on the learning experience—and delivers a payoff to improve business and clinical performance for the client organization.

Facts at a Glance

Dartmouth College and the MHCDS degree program are accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education.