Enhance Your Leadership Capability

Through MHCDS, participants gain the knowledge necessary to increase their personal leadership capability. The MHCDS curriculum helps participants build an understanding of their own strengths and the opportunities for improvement as leaders. They can use that knowledge to identify actions that will advance their leadership potential.

All students take the Personal Leadership course, during which they compare how they see themselves with how others see them. This can be a powerful educational experience that serves as the basis for a personal leadership plan. Students use their plans to understand which behaviors they need to develop and what opportunities they will need to do so.

The centerpiece of the Personal Leadership course is a comprehensive, 360-degree assessment of each participant's leadership skills, based on confidential evaluations completed by former bosses, co-workers, peers, and clients. During the course, participants will grapple with the need for effective, ethical leadership during the tumultuous, transformational change required as the health care industry undergoes major reform.

Our view is that leaders must understand their own strengths and deploy them to make organizations better able to achieve strategic results.