Class of 2021

Craig Hawkins, MD, MS, MHCDS

Chief of Surgery
Mid Coast Hospital of Brunswick, Maine

I believe that clinicians need to be at the table in the creation of cost effective, patient-centered care, that is accessible to our community and while in that position, we need the financial and strategic tools to help make good decisions.

Craig, please tell us about your responsibilities at Mid Coast Hospital in Maine

I serve as Chief of Surgery at Mid Coast Hospital and as the Medical Director for five ambulatory surgical practices (Urology, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, and Otolaryngology) at Mid Coast Medical Group. 

What has been the best part of the program for you?

That is a difficult question because so much of the program has been nothing short of spectacular. It [the MHCDS program] is a new paradigm of learning for a surgeon who finished fellowship training 26 years ago!

I am especially excited about the conversations which occur several times per week between the members of my study groups. We are a very diverse group of professionals so the perspectives brought forth regarding our readings and assignments are always spirited and enlightening with a background high mutual respect. The curriculum is challenging however the faculty make it very clear that they want us to succeed in grasping the material which is fundamentally why we are all committed to be part of the program—very refreshing.  

I have been privileged to receive a great education and training at prestigious institutions (Yale, Mayo Clinic) but I consider this to be the capstone of my academic career. I enthusiastically endorse this program!


How are you using the skills and knowledge you have gained so far?

I am currently at the epicenter of a fundamental change in health care in Maine as a member of physician group charged with creating a single multi-specialty practice out of nine separate local health systems now merged under the banner of Maine Health. We are designing a governance structure, physician/leadership compact, performance metrics, local and regional operational structure, with compensation parameters in order to create high-quality, cost-effective, accessible health care “so that our communities can become the healthiest in America”.  So yes, I am using every morsel of the program.