The MHCDS program is delivered through a powerful combination of brief residential sessions at Dartmouth plus enhanced distance learning.

Over the course of 18 months, participants attend on-campus classes, complete online collaborative coursework, and take part in implementation projects where participants apply the learning they've gained through the program to initiatives at their own institutions.

The on-campus experience fosters a close community among participants and with the faculty. The distance-learning experience is rich and seamless. Using web-based tools, participants interact with classmates and faculty in real time and asynchronously.

Class of 2022 Schedule - Detailed

The MHCDS program begins with a two-week residential period at Dartmouth and the Tuck School of Business. Students work and live together on campus for an intensive and energizing launch into their studies.  Each day they'll have four 90-minute classes plus study group sessions and other planned activities to keep students engaged while they learn about the curriculum, the learning technologies, and their extraordinary classmates. 

The first residential session frames health care delivery science and kicks off each of the courses taken online during the first-term.  In addition, students receive their 360 degree feedback and begin charting their Personal Leadership Development plans.  

Taken sequentially, one course at a time, students complete 4-5 distance courses per term. Courses in the first term are: 

Science of Health Care Delivery

Leveraging Data to Inform Decision Making

Health Economics and Policy

Finance Essentials for  Health Care Leaders 

Co-producing Health Care

The second residential period features in-person wrap up classes for each of the Term 1 courses as well as kick off sessions for the Term 2 courses.  Action Learning Project teams are formally launched. In addition, students continue the Negotiations and Personal Leadership coursework started in the first residential session. 

Sequentially, one at a time, students complete the following distance courses during this term:  

Action Learning Project Intensive

Health Care Operations

Management and Leadership of Health Care Organizations

Strategic Marketing

The third residential session features wrap up of Term 2 courses, launching of the Term 3 courses, Negotiations, Personal Leadership, and a mid-point presentation from each of the Action Learning Project teams. 

Sequentially, one course at a time, students complete the following online courses: 

Management of Organizational Change

Population Health

Special Topics in Health Care Delivery Science: Human-Centered Innovation


The fourth and final residential period features a wrap-up and conclusion of each online course from Term 3, Personal Leadership, Negotiations, and a final report out presentation for each Action Learning Project team.  The residential session culminates with a celebratory dinner for students and invited family and guests and a graduation ceremony.