Class of 2022

Yemi Arunsi, MHCDS, BSN

Executive Officer, Office of Quality and Patient Safety
Veterans Health Administration (VA)

The knowledge I have gained will help me to better manage and lead my teams into improving health care delivery, particularly to the veterans of this great nation.

Tell us about yourself, Yemi. 

I serve as the Executive Officer in the Veterans Health Administration, Office of Quality and Patient Safety, and as the key advisor to the Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Quality and Patient Safety. My role involves analyzing and evaluating the 18 national Quality and Patient Safety programs and the operational effectiveness of the organization. I also serve in the Air Force Reserve and recently completed an active-duty tour as the Deputy Revenue Cycle Solution Owner, implementing the Department of Defense’s Electronic Health Care Record, MHS GENESIS.  I love playing golf, soccer, and cooking.

Why did you apply to the MHCDS program? 

I decided to take the MHCDS program because I was looking for a program that would expand my understanding of the health care system and the different drivers of healthcare. I also wanted to expose myself to health care management concepts outside of Government and the military health care system.  The ability to meet and learn from a diverse health care student body focused on improving healthcare delivery was a key factor in my decision.

Why did you choose MHCDS over another type of master’s program (e.g., MBA, MPH, MMM)? 

I chose MHCDS over an MHA because I wanted to be able to understand much more than finance and operations in healthcare. I wanted to equip myself with the tools to navigate the complex healthcare system at my agency and beyond. MHCDS presents a cross functional approach in strategy, finance, management, health co-production and it evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of all types of health care organizations.

What has been the best part of the program for you – so far?

The best part of the program has been the ability to collaborate and learn from world-class peers who are leading experts in their healthcare fields. The combination of healthcare business experts and medical experts in this program offers a unique opportunity to learn and combine knowledge to help improve healthcare overall as we take what we learn from each other. The program’s ability to pivot during a global pandemic and address current issues was very helpful for me. I was able to learn how the ecosystem of health care changed in real time and make adjustments in my workplace.

How have you used the skills/knowledge you have gained so far? Do you have a real-life example? 

We recently underwent a major reorganization at my agency, and I had to reorganize my team. At that moment, I was taking the Aligning People and Teams course and I was able to transfer everything I learned to develop an effective team structure and to introduce a non-monetary award system to improve my team’s morale.

 The knowledge I have gained will help me to better manage and lead my teams into improving healthcare delivery, particularly to Veterans of this great nation. 

Is there anything else that you would tell a friend or colleague who was considering the MHCDS program? 

The MHCDS program is a unique opportunity to meet a diverse student body and faculty. Every day you tune into class is a great opportunity to learn something new.  The program is structured for the busy professional and you will be introduced to every aspect of the healthcare system.  I have been able to fill in the knowledge gaps that I have in health care and this program has made me a better leader and health care executive.