The Health Care Revolutionary: Ismael Ortega MHCDS'22

MHCDS 2022 Student Ismael Ortega


CHRISTUS CEO Ismael Ortega, MHCDS’22, is helping to transform health care access in Colombia.

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Carrie Colla Named to Endowed Professorship in Health Care Delivery

Health economist Carrie Colla, PhD, highly respected for her research examining health system performance and the effectiveness of payment and delivery system reforms, has been named the Susan J. and Richard M. Levy 1960 Distinguished Professor in Health Care Delivery.

Meet Robota: A Tuck Professor’s AI-Generated Teaching Assistant

Professor Rob Shumsky is certainly no Dr. Frankenstein. That said, Shumsky—faculty codirector of the Master of Health Care Delivery Science (MHCDS) program and professor of operations management—has indeed created his own teaching assistant.

Building on the Strength of MHCDS, Tuck and Geisel Partner to Offer a Master of Health Administration

In 2010, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business and Geisel School of Medicine collaborated to create the Master of Health Care Delivery Science (MHCDS) degree, a mid-career program bringing together the best minds in medicine and business. After a decade-plus of success that has produced nearly 500 MHCDS graduates, Tuck and Geisel are uniting once again for a new program aimed at early-career professionals.

A Number That Should Guide Your Health Choices (It’s Not Your Age)

Life expectancy increasingly figures into calculations about whether screenings and treatments are appropriate. MHCDS faculty co-director, Steven Woloshin, MD, MS, shares insights on how to find out yours.

How and idea from Tuck helped launch Operation Warp Speed

The United States’ effort to develop and provide COVID-19 vaccines to the world was one of the greatest government achievements in modern history. Tuck and MHCDS Professor Ron Adner’s ecosystem strategy framework contributed to its creation.

Impacting Healthcare Policy at the Congressional Level: Q&A with Carrie Colla

MHCDS faculty member, Carrie Colla, PhD, is currently on leave from Dartmouth to serve as Director of the Health Analysis Division at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) in Washington, DC. We learn about the impact she's having in this article.

Skinner Honored for Lifetime Achievement in Health Economics

Jonathan Skinner, MHCDS faculty and research professor of economics and a professor at the Geisel School of Medicine, has received the Victor Fuchs Award for Lifetime Contributions to the Field of Health Economics from the American Society of Health Economists (ASHE).

Mission and Medicine at Tuck

Inside Tuck’s health care revolution and the MHCDS alumni change leaders pushing reform, innovation, and mission-driven strategy in the industry.

Communicating through Coronavirus

Paul Argenti, MHCDS faculty and Professor of Corporate Communication at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, lays out a simple and powerful framework for leaders to communicate critical information during a crisis.

What Safe Shopping Looks Like During the Pandemic

With no nation-wide guidance on how to safely operate a retail store during the COVID-19 pandemic, MHCDS professor and faculty co-director, Rob Shumsky, and his colleague, Laurens Debo, propose three general principles to help retailers implement social distancing. These guidelines are based on the fundamentals of operations management, their own research on traffic flow within stores, and the best information available about the transmission of the disease.

The Promise and the Peril of Virtual Health Care

In this article, multiple MHCDS program alumni discuss the evolution of telemedicine at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health System from a minor part of care delivery to a key component in responding to the COVID-19 crisis. They go on to describe how the ascendance of virtual care will impact the traditional business models of health care facilities.

False Negative Tests for SARS-CoV-2 Infection — Challenges and Implications

MHCDS faculty Co-Director, Steve Woloshin, MD, provides a framework to think through the interrelated challenges of low test sensitivity, the integration of underlying risk of infection using Bayes' theorem, and the lack of a reference (gold) standard for test validation.

Nerdy Girls Versus the Pandemic

MHCDS professor Lindsey Leininger has teamed up with eight other female public health experts to disseminate evidence-based information and advice about the COVID pandemic.

Op Ed: Déjà vu all over again: Health-care spending back on the rise

MHCDS faculty members, Carrie Colla, PhD and Jonathan Skinner, PhD, explore what has really happened to health care coverage and spending since the implementation of the ACA.

Op-Ed: Ask whether a drug works before worrying about what it costs

MHCDS faculty, Steve Woloshin, PhD, describes the low level of understanding across consumers and physicians about the meaning of FDA approval for pharmaceuticals.

The term ‘do not resuscitate’ should be laid to rest

Amber Barnato, MD, MPH, MS describes how the evolution of medical knowledge has led to confusion over the term DNR. Dr. Barnato is the inaugural Susan J. and Richard M. Levy 1960 Distinguished Professor in Health Care Delivery.

ACO Contracts With Downside Financial Risk Growing, But Still In The Minority

Research by MHCDS faculty, Carrie Colla, PhD, an Associate Professor at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine, and her colleagues reveals only modest growth in the number of ACO contracts bearing downside risk.

Transforming Health Care from the Ground Up

MHCDS faculty, Vijay Govindarajan, PhD, describes why transformation of our health care system will be driven, not top-down through regulation, but bottom-up by innovation.

Is This the Hospital That Will Finally Push the Expensive U.S. Health Care System to Innovate?

MHCDS faculty, Vijay Govindarajan, PhD, describes an innovation that could radically change the health care marketplace in the U.S.

How a Tiny Kansas Town Rebooted Its Struggling Hospital into a Health Care Jewel

An innovative executive (Benjamin Anderson, MHCDS'16) found a way to recruit doctors, help refugees and make money delivering babies.

First Class Training in Health Care Leadership

An article by Inger Meland Buene, MD, MHCDS Class of 2016, who heads the department of child and adolescent psychiatry at Vestfold Hospital in Tønsberg, Norway, on her experience in the MHCDS program.

How is Rwanda like Lakin, Kansas? Both want to improve health care

This article describes a unique cross border collaboration between two MHCDS alumni, Benjamin Anderson, CEO of Kearny County Hospital and Dr. Prince Jean Bosco Kanani, Director of Rwanda Catholic Health Services

Doctors Use Business Acumen to Launch Medical Consultancy

Jeff Alderman, MHCDS '13, and 30 of his classmates used the skills and knowledge acquired in the MHCDS program to launch a consultancy to help other health care providers.

UnitedHealth Executives Go Back to School to Improve Care

A feature story on how students in the first graduating class of the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program are having a profound impact on how care is delivered.

Healthcare Field of Dreams In Idaho: Health System Opens Innovation Center

An article that highlights the innovative curriculum that MHCDS offers.