Class of 2018

Kyle Hair, MHCDS

Division Director, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)
Food and Drug Administration

The healthcare industry comes with a unique set of challenges and the continuum of healthcare delivery relies on the synergies of highly-invested players with diverse interests and skills. In my role at the FDA, I know first-hand the importance of reconciling separate agendas for a greater good and I sought a program that would build upon that same comprehensive view of the industry. In MHCDS, I found a program that would give leaders not only the tools and skillset, but most importantly, the mindset and resilience to drive innovation and usher in significant changes in healthcare.

Kyle, tell us about your professional experience.

I am currently serving as an Associate Director for the Office of Medical Products and Tobacco (OMPT) at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I work closely with the Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, and Center Directors to ensure that the proper organizational strategies and operational systems are in place to facilitate effective regulatory management and achieve greater public health impact. I analyze complexities in Agency policies, processes, and programs – seeking ways to maximize efficiencies and use people-centered thinking to drive the systematic transformational changes that achieve regulatory excellence.

What has been the best part of the program for you?

For me, the best part of the program has been the diversity of expertise within my cohort. We are not learning remote theories or concepts, we’re tackling the very real and present intricacies of the healthcare ecosystem as a collective of leaders with the express purpose of creating change. This relays to my experience at West Point and in military leadership, where I learned that having a team of talented and trusted advisors is critical for the success of my mission – which in this case, is protecting the public health through improved healthcare delivery.

How have you used the skills and knowledge you have gained?

The knowledge I’ve gained in the MHCDS program has been a direct benefit in both broadening and deepening my understanding of economic and cultural impacts of FDA policies. Several of the courses have presented immediate practical applications for my current and future efforts at FDA – the healthcare finance course has guided my budget planning and forecasting activities, and the healthcare operations and organization management courses have brought insights into my efforts for advising Agency directorates and facilitating leadership transitions within FDA. I hope to parlay the knowledge gained from MHCDS to help create regulatory cross-cutting centers of excellence within FDA focused on operations and innovation to leverage the best practices of my network of healthcare leaders to tackle FDA’s most pressing directives.

What else would you tell a candidate for the MHCDS program about your experience?

When presented with an opportunity to learn alongside people from such diverse healthcare backgrounds, who are at the top of their respective fields, do whatever is necessary to be a part of it. Dartmouth’s MHCDS program is unparalleled in the quality of its curriculum and the professional excellence of its instructors. You are learning from experts and thought-leaders in the industry in a highly-collaborative, challenging, and intellectually-invigorating environment.

I have developed relationships with people who are at the top of their field, exhibiting all forms of leadership – from physicians, and policy experts to CEOs and CMOs – I am confident in the fact that I am leaving with a “Swiss Army knife” portfolio of experts who I can call upon at any time for their perspectives and ideas."