Class of 2019

Carolyn Quan, MD, MHCDS

Co-Medical Director, Division of Hospital Medicine
Baylor University Medical Center

The delivery of health care has become increasingly complex, uncertain, and unsustainable. The idea that a program could give you the tools to solve the value equation was extremely appealing. The reason I didn't seek an MBA, like many physicians are these days, is that I’m not interested in running a business. I am interested in changing the way we deliver health care.

Carolyn, tell us about your professional experience.

I wear a lot of hats at Baylor University Medical Center. In addition to serving as co-medical director in the division of hospital medicine, I am president-elect of the medical staff, medical director for the BSW Patient Placement Center (responsible for overseeing medical issues related to patient transfers within and into the Baylor Scott and White North system), as well as co-chair for the operational efficiency committee, responsible for leading the medical staff in initiatives aimed at improving efficiency throughout multiple hospital departments. It is good to be busy.

What has been the best part of the program for you?

The people: from students to faculty to staff, I am so impressed by the caliber of the people we get to interact with. What an experience!

How have you used the skills and knowledge you have gained through your coursework in the real world?

I am certainly much better versed in the financial aspects of medicine and I'm able to share that with our residents and my colleagues. As a physician, it’s important for us to teach the next generation that health care is not just knowing which antibiotic to use, it’s about which antibiotic is of greatest value to the patient.

What I would tell a friend or colleague who was considering  the MHCDS program -- 'Just do it!'"