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Christine Blaski, MD

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Christine Blaski, MD

North Shore Medical Center (Partners HealthCare)

Long-time clinician Christine Blaski learned how innovation holds the key to improving not only patient care, but health care across disciplines.  She’s recently been given the job of teaching that thinking to colleagues at North Shore Medical Center (Partners HealthCare)...

Career Changer

Experience Coming Into MHCDS: Two decades’ clinical experience.
Shift in Trajectory: Patient Care to Healthcare Improvement across disciplines.
Traditional Limiting Constraint for Clinicians: “Physicians are often consumed by their daily clinical work. They don’t have a chance to engage with administration, operations, and strategy — or even the chance to learn how to cross disciplines within a complex organization.”
Career-Expanding Boost from MHCDS: Given time to step back; chance to look at things with a longer view. Immersion in cross-disciplinary contexts and vocabularies.
Revised Career Goal: “This is such a dynamic time in our industry. I don’t know exactly what my ultimate job will look like, but it won’t be strictly clinical. It will include giving constructive input across disciplines.”
Telling Detail: Recently asked to serve as faculty on North Shore’s new Institute for Healthcare Improvement Science and Medical Research.

A New Vocabulary and a Longer View

Having been immersed for nearly 20 years in internal medicine, critical care medicine, and pulmonary disease, Dr. Christine Blaski has built a foundation for a solid career of clinical work. She’s been thinking creatively, though, about that longer view of her work. “This is such a dynamic time in our industry,” she says. “I’m wondering how I can add constructive and meaningful input across disciplines.”

For Blaski, a step toward that longer view included the leadership development she was exposed to in Dartmouth’s MHCDS program. “Physicians are often consumed by their daily clinical work,” she says. “They don’t have a chance to develop the broader vocabulary of administration, operations, and strategy; to learn how to cross disciplines within a complex organization. Those were the most valuable things I learned in the program.

Her experience at Dartmouth coincides with a new initiative at the Massachusetts-based North Shore Medical Center, which is aimed at innovation and improvements in all areas of health care delivery. According to Robert Norton, the medical center’s president and CEO, “Improvement is now the core business strategy at NSMC.” Blaski is already contributing the strategy. She was recently asked to serve as a faculty member for the new initiative.