Career Profiles

  • Barbara Barnett, MD, MS

    Barbara Barnett, MD, MS Image

    Trained in emergency and internal medicine, Barbara Barnett was recently recruited as Chief Medical Officer at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City.

    Meet Barbara

  • Christine Blaski, MD

    Christine Blaski, MD Image

    Long-time clinician Christine Blaski learned how innovation holds the key to improving not only patient care, but health care across disciplines.  She’s recently been given the job of teaching that thinking to colleagues at North Shore...

    Meet Christine

  • Michael Goldberg, MBA, MS

    Michael Goldberg, MBA, MS Image

    At Long Island Jewish Medical Center, Michael Goldberg’s ability to ask big-picture, what-if questions has led to a career shift that’s typical among many graduates of the MHCDS program: from finance to operations...

    Meet Michael

  • Harrison “Harry” Bane

    Harrison “Harry” Bane Image

    Having led a turnaround of one of Genesis’s worst performing skilled nursing facilities, in Chelsea, Massachusetts, Harry Bane was tapped to become Vice President of Operations at Steward Healthcare...

    Meet Harry

  • John Stark, MBA, MS

    John Stark, MBA, MS Image

    John Stark started with the University of Iowa Health Care in food procurement and purchasing, and moved on to directing the anesthesia department. After completing the MHCDS program, he’s now shadowing the COO...

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  • Stacey Conklin, RN

    Stacey Conklin, RN Image

    A registered nurse and director of information services at North Shore University Hospital, Stacey Conklin has moved onto a new, hybrid career track: toward the position of Chief Innovations Officer...

    Meet Stacey