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Mary Beth Kuderik MHCDS ‘15

Chief Financial Officer, UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust

Mary Beth Kuderik MHCDS ‘15 Image

As the top financial officer at the UAW Retiree Medical Benefits Trust, Mary Beth Kuderik helps oversee the U.S.’s largest non-governmental buyer of retiree health care. With over $50 billion in assets, including equity stakes in General Motors and Chrysler, the group provides benefits to nearly 800,000 union retirees and their families.

Kuderik joined the Trust in 2009 after 28 years with General Motors. But despite having experience in health care benefits, she felt she needed a deeper understanding of how the health care industry works and how benefits could be delivered more efficiently and effectively. That led her to Dartmouth’s Masters of Health Care Delivery Science program.

“If you work in this industry, you really understand the need for change,” she says. “This degree was focused on exactly what would fit with what I wanted to do, which is bring change for the betterment of our membership. The fact that it has seasoned and senior level professors is very appealing to me. It brings a lot of theoretical rigor to the things you want to do.” 

Kuderik saw the MHCDS program as an investment in the skills she needs to be a better leader. That means strengthening partnerships with the Trust’s members, insurance companies, and medical providers to improve the health and quality of life for retirees. 

“As a large purchaser of health care, we have the ability to influence and create transformational change,” says Kuderik.  “We are focused on creating a new model of health care that fits the unique needs of our retirees and their families across their continuum of care.   Working to support underlying change and improved value in health care is totally on point with what we want to do.”

Kuderik says that others managing large, long-term health care benefit obligations such as those in state governments could benefit from the degree. “You get a real soup to nuts understanding of the delivery system,” she says. “Being in the room with so many highly skilled motivated, intelligent, and opinionated people is an amazing experience. You see people involved in all different aspects of the industry.”