The Program

The MHCDS program is delivered through a hybrid of residential sessions at Dartmouth plus enhanced distance learning. The hybrid format makes it easier for busy professionals to take part.

Over the course of 18 months, participants attend on-campus classes, complete online collaborative coursework, and take part in on-site projects where participants apply the learning they've gained through the program to initiatives at their own institutions.

The on-campus experience fosters camaraderie and collegiality among participants and teams and with the faculty. The distance-learning experience is rich and seamless. Using web-based tools, participants interact with classmates and faculty in real time and asynchronously.

Asynchronous Instruction and Collaboration

Asynchronous instruction and collaboration offer adult working professionals the greatest degree of flexibility in participating in their course work. Students can log on to the Canvas classroom at any time, day or night, and make progress on course deliverables in short (5- to 10-minute) segments. Or they can access videos and readings through iTunesU on their program-issued iPad Mini. 

Synchronous Instruction and Collaboration

Synchronous learning allows students to maintain the flexibility and convenience of online learning from a distance while building the intimacy that real-time discussions and collaborations can engender. The synchronous learning tools utilized by the MHCDS program include Adobe Connect.