The Program


Participants Health care leaders and emerging leaders
Delivery model Blended learning: residential and online
Class size 50 participants
Start date July 9, 2018
Program length 18 months
Total courses 15
Residential requirement 4 periods, ~6 weeks total
Online requirement 15 hours per week


Average age at matriculation is 47, with a range from 28 to 69. 

>90% have advanced degrees (MD, MBA, MS, PhD, JD, etc.)

66% are front-line health care providers (physician and nurse leaders)

Are highly accomplished professionals; represented job titles include: CEO, CMO, CFO, CQO, CIO, CMIO, section chief, chair, general counsel, Director of Public Health (US state), SVP, Director of Innovation, and Chief Transformation Officer

Students and alumni from the first seven cohorts hail from 42 U.S. states plus Sweden, France, Kosovo, Norway, Peru, Rwanda, Singapore, Canada, Nepal, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and China