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Bukola Olubi, MD, MHCDS ‘19

Cardiologist and Physician Lead, Women's Heart Program, Piedmont Heart Institute (GA)

Bukola Olubi, MD, MHCDS ‘19 Image

I am the lead physician of the women’s heart program the Piedmont Heart Institute, in Fayetteville, GA.  My professional responsibilities include clinical cardiology and the development and execution of  initiatives for the women’s heart program.  

Q. Why did you decide to apply to the MHCDS program? 

To achieve my career goals, it became apparent that I need the skills and knowledge that will help me navigate the changing landscape of healthcare. To make the kind of significant impact that is required, in addition to my clinical skills set, I would need to understand health care systems at all levels.

Q. What is the best part of the program for you – so far?

There are many great parts to the program so far. The faculty, many of the best at Dartmouth, are genuinely engaged and enthusiastic about their work.  I am also grateful for my extremely accomplished classmates who bring a wealth of knowledge that is shared in the classroom on a frequent basis. 

Q. How have you used what you've learned through the first part of your coursework? 

The knowledge and skills that I have gained so far have helped me to collaborate successfully in launching the Women’s Heart Support Network at my institution.

Q. Is there anything else that you would tell a friend or colleague who was considering the MHCDS program? 

Go for it.  The friendships and connections that I have made so far are invaluable, and I have a new-found confidence that allows me to approach any challenge.