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Quality of Networking and Learning lead Tuck to a #2 global ranking for business schools

The best judges of business programs are graduating students, recent alumni, and companies that recruit MBAs. And we [Bloomberg Businessweek] want the best answers. In...  Read article at Bloomberg Businessweek »

Op-Ed: Ask whether a drug works before worrying about what it costs

MHCDS faculty, Steve Woloshin, PhD, describes the low level of understanding across consumers and physicians about the meaning of FDA approval for pharmaceuticals and how...  Read article at LA Times Opinion »

The term ‘do not resuscitate’ should be laid to rest

Amber Barnato, MD, MPH, MS describes how the evolution of medical knowledge has led to confusion over the term DNR. Amber is the Susan J. and Richard M. Levy 1960...  Read article at The Hill »

ACO Contracts With Downside Financial Risk Growing, But Still In The Minority

Research by MHCDS faculty, Carrie Colla, PhD, an Associate Professor at Dartmouth's Geisel School of Medicine, and her colleagues reveals only modest growth in the number...  Read article at Health Affairs: July 2019 »

Fifteen percent of Dartmouth MHCDS program graduates are AAOS Fellows

Recent graduate, Ken Noonan, MD, MHCDS '19, writes about the critical need for physicians, especially orthopaedic surgeons, to acquire the skills and knowledge delivered...  Read article at American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons »

A model of online health care delivery science education for mid-career health care professionals

This article discusses the design rationale, key strengths, and six years of evaluation data for the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program at Dartmouth.  Read article at HealthCare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation »

Transforming Health Care from the Ground Up

MHCDS faculty, Vijay Govindarajan, PhD, describes why transformation of our health care system will be driven, not top-down through regulation, but bottom-up by...  Read article at Harvard Business Review »

Is This the Hospital That Will Finally Push the Expensive U.S. Health Care System to Innovate?

MHCDS faculty, Vijay Govindarajan, PhD, describes an innovation that could radically change the health care marketplace in the US. By almost any measure, American...  Read article at Harvard Business Review »

How a Tiny Kansas Town Rebooted Its Struggling Hospital into a Health Care Jewel

An innovative executive (Benjamin Anderson, '16 MHCDS) found a way to recruit doctors, help refugees and make money delivering babies.  Read article at Politico »

Don’t Let New Blood Pressure Guidelines Raise Yours

MHCDS faculty, Gil Welch, MD, MPH elucidates the problems with recent findings that suggest 130 over 80 is a better target for controlling hypertension. The study was...  Read article at New York Times Op-Ed »

Cancer’s Invasion Equation

An article discussing early detection and discovering the dangers of cancer before its onset features MHCDS faculty, Dr. Gilbert Welch. Dr. Welch studies cancer patterns...  Read article at The New Yorker »

Stop Letting Email Control Your Work Day

MHCDS faculty, Paul Argenti, Professor of Corporate Communication at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, lays out his framework for setting priorities and...  Read article at Harvard Business Review »

Health care costs are bankrupting us

Elliott Fisher, MD, MPH and Gil Welch, MD, MPH, faculty in the MHCDS program, describe how high prices and high volume of health care goods and services are gaining a...  Read article at CNN - Opinion »

Cancer Screening, Overdiagnosis, and Regulatory Capture

MHCDS faculty Gil Welch, MD, MPH describes the role of the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) in preventing and, when captured by industry influence, promoting...  Read article at JAMA Internal Medicine »

First Class Training in Health Care Leadership

Inger Meland Buene, MD, MHCDS Class of 2016 is the Head of Department, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Vestfold Hospital. Tønsberg, Norway. In this article, Inger...  Read article at Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association »

Why Doctors Shouldn’t Be Punished for Giving Prostate Tests

Rather than simply punishing them for ordering PSA tests, providers should be rewarded for taking the time to discuss the risks and benefits of screening with patients.  Read article at The New York Times »

Op Ed - We should look less hard for cancer

MHCDS professor Gil Welch, MD discusses why patients and physicians should be less aggressive about screening for cancer.  Read article at LA Times »

The Science of Health Care Delivery - What we learned at Dartmouth

Three recent alumni, Alok Sharan, MD, Michelle Prince, MD, and Timothy Foster, MD describe the Masters of Health Care Delivery Science program as a unique and useful tool...  Read article at The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons »

How is Rwanda like Lakin, Kansas? Both want to improve health care

This article describes a unique cross border collaboration between two current MHCDS students, Ben Anderson, CEO of Kearny County Hospital and Dr. Prince Bosco, Director...  Read article at KU School of Medicine - Witchita »

Overkill: An avalanche of unnecessary medical care is harming patients physically and financially.

In a follow up to his 2009 article, The Cost Conundrum, author Atul Gawande discusses insights developed by MHCDS faculty members, Jonathan Skinner and Gil Welch, to...  Read article at The New Yorker »

Op-Ed |: Why whole-genome testing hurts more than it helps

In this Op-Ed, Professor Gil Welch articulates why big data solutions like whole-genome sequencing highlight weak signals in the likelihood of disease that will have...  Read article at Los Angeles Times »

The Quality Tower Of Babel

MHCDS faculty, Elizabeth Teisberg and Scott Wallace, describe the spectacular growth in the number health care quality metrics that don't take into account the functional...  Read article at Health Affairs »

Revisiting Mortality Versus Survival In International Comparisons Of Cancer Care

Revisiting Mortality Versus Survival In International Comparisons Of Cancer Care

MHCDS faculty Gil Welch and Elliott Fischer explain why measuring progress in cancer care by survival is wrong and that population-based cancer mortality is the true...  Read article at Heath Affairs Blog »

An Epidemic of Thyroid Cancer?

Professor Gil Welch discusses the unintended consequences of a national cancer screening program in South Korea, an epidemic of unnecessary and possibly harmful medical...  Read article at NY Times »

The 125 Percent Solution: Fixing Variations In Health Care Prices

MHCDS faculty Elliott Fisher, James Weinstein, and Jonathan Skinner propose a relatively simple, short-term solution to fix two large problems in US health care pricing,...  Read article at Health Affairs Blog »

Doctors Use Business Acumen to Launch Medical Consultancy

Jeff Alderman, MHCDS '13 and 30 of his classmates used the skills and knowledge acquired in the MHCDS program to launch a consultancy to help other health care providers...  Read article at Financial Times »,0,2723861,full.story

MHCDS Action Learning Project launches Effort to Improve Health in the Impoverished North End

 Read article at The Hartford Courant »

The Problem With Free Health Care

In this NY Times op-ed, MHCDS faculty member, Gil Welch, MD, describes the misalignment of incentives for screening versus those for diagnosis embedded in the Affordable...  Read article at NY Times »

India’s Secret to Low-Cost Health Care

Vijay Govindarajan looks at cost control measures that enable Indian hospitals to deliver exceptional service at 5 to 10 percent of the cost of U.S. hospitals.  Read article at HBR Blog »

Inaugural Master of Health Care Delivery Science Class Celebrated at Special Investiture Ceremony

The MHCDS class of 2013 was not just the first class to complete the program—a low-residency model of hybrid pedagogy organized by Tuck and The Dartmouth Institute for...  Read article at Tuck Today »

UnitedHealth Executives Go Back to School to Improve Care

Students in the first graduating class of the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program are already having a profound impact on how care is delivered.  Read article at Bloomberg News »

Schooling for a new way to do health care

A new master's degree program focuses on training platoons of health-care-oriented professionals in delivering better care.  Read article at »

The Next Phase of Health Care Reform: Providing Low Cost, High Quality Medical Care

To save costs, we need to fix the delivery system says Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim. And he's got a plan to do just that.  Read article at »

Healthcare Field of Dreams In Idaho: Health System Opens Innovation Center

Fifteen years ago the Internet was revolutionizing global communications and computing so companies were looking for the most advanced markets to test their technologies....  Read article at »

First Responder

Health care reform did little to halt galloping costs and nightmarish inefficiencies. Jim Yong Kim has a real plan to fix the system. And he's turning Dartmouth into a...  Read article at »

One Great Idea for Reducing Health Care Costs: Keep Non-Emergencies Out of the ER

What’s one great idea for reducing health care costs that should be replicated across the country?  Read article at »