The MHCDS program awards a limited number of scholarships each year.  Once admitted to the program, applicants are offerred the opportunity to request a scholarship application. 

Tuition: Class of 2021


Program Tuition and Fees (for the full 18 months)*

* Includes: course material, technology, and student fees. 
  Does not include: fees for room and board during residential sessions.

Financial Aid

The MHCDS program awards a limited number of partial scholarships each year. Admitted students requesting scholarship aid must file a financial aid application.

Once accepted, MHCDS students can apply and find out more about federal financial aid (loans) through the Dartmouth College Financial Aid Office.

Financial aid in the form of educational loans requires documentation. U.S. Citizens and permanent residents are eligible for federal loans. In order to apply for these loans the following documentation is required:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • If your application is selected for “verification” by the Department of Education, additional information may be required.

International Students

MHCDS offers funding options for international citizens attending our program. The loans do not require a U.S. co-borrower and offer very competitive terms. The maximum borrowing limit for the MHCDS program is $77,000 for first year students and $39,900 for second year students. Limits are based on a needs analysis performed by the Financial Aid Office using the information provided by the student and may vary by individual. International students can borrow funds to cover their qualified educational expenses for the two years, subject to the program’s criteria. Our goal in providing the programs is to supplement the student’s others financial resources. International students should also investigate all sources of funding from within their home country including government and private scholarships and loans. International students may also be eligible for other types of loans if they have a U.S. cosigner with positive credit history. Please contact George Newcomb, Director of Admissions, for details on how International Students can apply for financial aid.